Umistrong Art Studio (UAS) General Practice/Student’s Rules & Regulations

Upon enrolment in UAS’s course, the student/parent/guardian hereby understands the studio’s general practice and is deemed to have accepted the student’s rules and regulations stated herein:

1. Enrolment
Any registration of a course, whether online or otherwise, will only be confirmed upon receipt of full payment by UAS, prior to any course commencement.

S/N Type of Courses  Payment Terms
1 For package course  Full payment of course fee and registration
fee (Non-Refundable)
2 For short term / Holiday
Programs / Trial Lesson / day
course/ camp
Full course fee is payable at point
of registration
3 For event package (e.g.
Birthday party, company
A 50% down-payment is required upon
reservation and the balance to be
paid on the day of the event

2. Lesson Schedule
2.1 Students are to adhere to the pre-planned lesson schedule and to attend the lessons regularly and punctually. If the student is unable to attend the scheduled lesson(s), the student/parent/guardian must inform the UAS one (1) day in advance. Failure to do so will result in non-replacement of lesson(s) missed by the student.
2.2 Parents/guardians are advised to ensure transport to and from the school are arranged accordingly, as UAS will not hold responsibility on student’s safety beyond the lesson time.
2.3 Parents/guardians should bring their children to the washroom before bringing them into the studio to ensure minimal disruption to the lesson.
2.4 Full package courses that are paid for in full must be utilized within 6 months from the day of the first lesson. Any unused lessons after 6 months will be forfeited.
2.5 All students are encouraged to end their lesson on time. An additional fee of $15.00 per hour or part thereof will be imposed for extension of class session.


3. Classes and Teachers
3.1 Under unforeseen circumstances, UAS reserves the right to combine, transfer, dissolve the class, dismiss the student and change any teacher or the date and time of any lesson with a valid reason.
3.2 In the unlikely case where the class is dissolved or the student is dismissed, UAS will refund the remaining pro-rated lesson fee.
3.3 The lessons conducted by the teachers are according to the UAS’s syllabus. However, as different students have different learning abilities, teachers will tailor the lessons according to the students’ progress to facilitate better learning and to stir up their interest.
3.4 Students/parents are prohibited to approach our teachers to be their private tutor, as legal actions will be taken against our teachers if they accept to be your private teacher.


4. Restriction of Entry
Only UAS’s students are allowed to attend our classes. UAS can refuse any person(s) from entering the school premises, if they are likely to cause disturbance, embarrassment or annoyance to others or benefit from the lessons.


5. Safety in the Studio’s Premises
5.1 The studio will take good measures in all safety precaution within the school premises.
5.2 The school will not be accountable for any loss or damage to the students’ personal belongings or injury caused to the students at the school premises due to unforeseen circumstances.
5.3 The studio will not be responsible for the student’s safety beyond the lesson time. Parents/guardians are advised to take note on their child’s lesson schedule to ensure arrangements to fetch the child immediately after the lesson ends are timely.


6. Vandalism / Negligence
The students and / or their parents / guardians shall be liable for any damages or loss to the school arising from negligence / vandalism on the part of the students. Serious offences will be reported to the police.


7. Disputes
7.1 In order to maintain a high efficiency in all our administration procedures, any request that is not in accordance with the rules and regulations stated herein will not be entertained in the outlet.
7.2 In the event of any disputes, UAS’s liability is only limited to the refund of any remaining pro-rated lesson fee.


8. Revision of Rules and Regulations
In order to improve the school efficiency, administration and students’ benefits, UAS reserves the right to amend any of the rules and regulations from time to time without prior notice.


9. Payment of Course Fees
9.1 Payment advice will be issued upon completion of package courses.
9.2 If there is renewing of the course, the course fee must be paid in advance before lesson starts.
9.3 UAS reserves the right to terminate lesson if fee is not paid before the course starts.

10. Withdrawal/ Transfer / Refund of Course Fees
Students are required to give a minimum of one month’s notice for withdrawing from the lesson or changing of lesson schedule/teacher/outlet by filling up the appropriate form.

11. School Holidays, Major Annual Events & Teachers’ Annual Vacation
11.1 There will be no lesson on UAS’s major annual events day unless otherwise specified
11.2 There will be no lesson on teacher’s annual vacation and students will be notified
in advance.


12. Membership Enrolment & Benefits
12.1 Any student who signs the whole package with UAS will automatically become a member of Umistrong Art Store.
12.2 Membership is valid for three years from the date of signing.
12.3 Members can enjoy 10% off any products sold in Umistrong Art Store and 15%-30% for selected in-store promotional products.